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Megan Nielsen Photojournalism portfolio

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photo essay

Bike. Speak. Build. This is the mission of The Fuller Center Bike Adventure, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating poverty in housing worldwide.


Over the course of four weeks, a group of cyclists cycled down the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego, covering 1,700 miles and three states. 

From flat tires to first century rides, the ride had its ups and downs. But unified in purpose, the ride brought the cyclists together.

Plus, "There’s no better way to see our beautiful country than from the seat of a bicycle!”

There are audible squeals as the kids in Rabble Mill’s summer skate school hear the news: each one of them gets to take home a new skateboard and helmet.

For eight weeks, 76 fourth and fifth grade students at Nelson Mandela Elementary have been learning how to skateboard from trained instructors. Before that, most of them hadn’t ever stepped on a skateboard.

“Thank you,” one student told instructors on the day of the giveaway, “I didn’t know that I loved skateboarding until now.”

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