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Highlander Magazine   Volume 1 // Issue 1

Highlander Magazine is a publication created as Utah State University's first ever outdoor magazine. Using Adobe InDesign, I was the lead designer for this magazine. Being a part of the first ever issue meant developing an identity for Highlander Magazine, branding the Highlander Magazine, developing a theme for this issue, creating a style guide, creating beautiful and diverse layouts while keeping the magazine consistent, judging content, copy-editing, and helping the magazine gain recognition around Logan. It was no small feat but I believe this magazine has the power to inspire people to go outside and love nature more and more every day. 

Highlander Magazine   Volume 1 // Issue 2
Highlander Magazine_Volume 1 Issue 2_Page_01.jpg
Highlander Magazine   Volume 2 // Issue 1
Highlander Magazine_Volume 2 Issue 1 Cover
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